Sport "Arco Iris" fishes
Sport "Arco Iris" fishes
Sport "Arco Iris" fishes
The south of Chile... fishes sport
The fishing is, without a doubt an exciting sport. " Arco Iris" is a company destined to the benefit of services to tourists and sport fishermen.

In the commune of Puyehue, X region, Chile, is possible to lower the rivers Gol-Gol, Pilmaiquén, Rahue, Chirre and Coihueco, as well as to trolear in in the lakes Puyehue, Rupanco and lagoon the Toro.

It will be able in addition to fish of border (fly) in the bars of the rivers Gol-Gol, Pulelfu, Bonito and Nalcas.

It will have the opportunity to catch beautiful pieces, such as Rainbow, Fario, Silverplated, Salmosalar, Coho and Percatrucha.

" Arco Iris ", offers excursions of fishing in Puyehue, Llanquihue Lake, River Petrohué and Río Puelo (Cochamo '); Hornopirén (rivers Black and white), paradises of the fans to Sport Pesca.
"Arco Iris"
- Conditions of security according to effective regulations

- Licenses of fishing

- Transfer hikers from and towards airport.

- Transfer vehicles hikers

- Transfer hikers from and towards fishing places

- Fishing with experienced guides

- Reserves of cabins

- Sale and benefit implementos of fishing

- Information

- Contact with compatible Companies

In the south of Chile, Tenth Region of the Lakes, the lover of the fishing, can, with a little luck and the suitable implementation, to capture diverse salmonídeas species, to enjoy an unexplored landscape, enjoying one season total reconfortantes moments and unforgettable experiences. Visítenos... we are hoping to him.
Season of Fishing:
LLanquihue Lake: 15 of September until the first weekend of May of the following year.
Palena lake and Puelo Lagoon: All the year
Other rivers, lakes, lagoons of X Region: The second Friday of November to the First Domingo of May of the following year

Víctor Iván Sandoval C.
Between Lakes, Puyehue, Tenth Region
Telephone (64) 371 444 Fax (64) 371 903

Rivers... lakes... lagoons... nature
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Fly Fishing
Sport fishing in perfect surroundings.

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